Interactive Music Sessions with your friends

This App idea was developed during the pandemic to bring people together with music. It´s not necessary to meet your frinds in person to create memorable moments. Chat with your frinds, hear music together and play games - all in one App.

At the beginning we thaught about things that bring people together, and for us that is music in combination with conversations about the music itself and life in gerneral.

How can these aspects be transferred to the smartphone without losing the fun you have when listening to music together in person?

The main part of the app is built around a “normal” chat App like the messaging app from Apple or WhatsApp for example. We chose the chat enviroment, to create a familier space for the useres.

To explaine our App idea the best, let´s create a Mixtape together and pump some beats.

Create Mixtape

First you have to create your own Mixtape, let´s call it “French-House”. This is the creative part, were you can customize your Mixtape. Of course you can unlock new casset colors, patterns and fancy stickers for your Mixtapes in the future.

Invite friends

Add Friends to your Mixtape, so that you and your friends can listen to the music together.
Now you are ready to go!

Add Songs

When you press that little icon in the bottom left corner, a modal will open and from there you can post a normal song, or whats even cooler a song in combination with one of the three minigames we created.

Add minigames

Song match
Were your frinds have to find songs that match your song

Of course there has to be a quiz, because everyone love quizzes

Lyric fill
Choose a song line and see wich friends know this song the best

Hear old Mixtapes

You can also hear old Mixtapes that you and your friends created in the past.

It´s as easy as swiping through the timeline and choosing a Mixtape you want to listen to. And now comes the cool part... the mixtape not only stores the playlist, but also all the messages and the minigames you played.


We wanted to create a fun and easy experince for all the music enthusiasts in the world who could no longer meet in person due to the pandemic and I think we did a good job.

This project was not easy for us, because we wanted the app to be useful even after the pandemic.