Game Pass

Game Pass

A Redesign of the App for iPadOS

This Redesign was made, to bring the App aestetics and functionality inline with the Human Interface Guidlines and also keep the charakteristics of the old concept. Big part of the Concept are the new Categories/Tags.

In the last couple of years the Gaming Industry shifted more and more to a different payment system. Many Gamers that play on XBOX or PC are subscribers from Microsofts Game Pass.

with great power comes great responsibility.

As one of the big Players in the Gaming Industry, Microsoft has the resposibilty to think about the future. If fewer people buy individual games, the financial success of a single title no longer matters. It's more about keeping customers loyal to Game Pass over the long term. However, this can only be achieved if the games are arranged in a meaningful way so that everyone can find what they want to play. Because the Game Pass must appeal to a wide audience, it is especially important to present the many different games well.

A good example is Netflix, which has been proving for quite some time how well its service works.

new categories

A good way to sort games are categories. The new categories should invite you to explore and linger. Maybe you will find a game that you didn't know before.

Category View

In the redesign I also reworked the userflow, because it was often not comprehensible in the old app. In order not to pull the user out of the flow, no new window opens now, but a modal.

The Covers in the Redesign were completly reworked to fit the Categories new design

Game View

In the new Game View, the focus is now more on the tags, so I changed the order of the elements slightly. I also adjusted the images to the 16:9 format and added a video that plays at the top.


At first glance, the Game Pass app looks well-designed, but you will quickly notice that there is still room for improvement in many areas. With my redesign, I have only revised a few of these areas, but in my opinion, these already lead to a much better flow and thus to more fun when using the app.